Lemurian Calendar

To understand the importance of the Lemurian Calendar and its effect on our consciousness we first need to have a greater understanding of what a calendar is and why our current calendar is distorted.

A calendar is a programming device. It programs the culture, the people and the entire society that uses it.
The nature of the calendar determines the nature of the society.

A calendar should be an instrument that aligns you in a harmonic relationship to your soul, others, the moon, the sun and the stars.

The Gregorian calendar was deliberately designed to keep you out of phase with nature and in doing so keep you from connecting with your whole self, your own soul.

A distorted mind sees the world in a distorted way. It creates its own problems without even being aware of it. We believe our problems come from outside of ourselves. So we never go to the root to find a real solution. Because a distorted mind is creating its own problems. The distorted mind is a direct result of a distorted calendar or “operating system”.

The present day calendar is programmed for disharmony and war.
Change the calendar and you can change that program.
How is that?

When you change the calendar you change your mind. Change your mind and you change the cause of your problems at the root level. Since your mind is part of the collective mind of the world, you are also making permanent changes on a global level, as you change your own mind.

Think of it as installing a new operating system, while removing the old one. Like we do it with our computers. 

Why can’t we do it with calendars and our mind?

We can!

That’s where the Lemurian Calendar or Operating System comes in…

Lemurian Calendar introduction

We are happy you have received this incredible gift of the Lemurian Calendar. 

You have now connected with the images and the feelings of this First Light Calendar. 

The Lemurian calendar rotates counterclockwise and the new year begins on June 1st. The calendar starts where light first contacts the planet, New Zealand.  

New Zealand, where Lemuria or MU began in the South Pacific 500 million years ago, is the 1st light time zone of 24 time zones.

The Lemurian Calendar is inclusive of all religions, all cultures, all flags.


The Hunascope or Uniscope of Ways feeds the Light Calendar. It replaces the Scope Of Horrors aka Horoscope.

The 5 Sectors that make up the Uniscope deliver their content of Vibration Frequency and Energy into the Light Calendar. 

All Star Nations and Planetary Nations access Earth through the 6 sectors of the Uniscope, MA HA KA WA TA HI. Collecting all resources of knowledge and wisdom of Vibrations, Frequency & Energy (VFEM) to be delivered into the center, the golden compass and directly into the civilizations of the Earth, NI A NA.


The Golden Compass represents Earth. Like the Earth it spins counter-clockwise. 

It receives information from the Seasons, the Sun, the Moon and Nature, to then distribute the information to all sentient life on the planet.

The Northern and Southern Star energies come into the Center of the planet and its Inner Dimensions to balance the Lemurian Operating System internally and externally.


Sector 1 represents Order and Universal Right Relations. Liberation and Opportunity is the new way of doing things within the Lemurian Operating System. Accountability and Responsibility are at the core of free will.

This sector aligns the energy of what is needed for creation of all Life to flourish among all Star Nations and Planetary Nations. 

Sector 1 manages the flow of the highest intentions. The Golden Compass navigates these into the Human and the Planetary Grid. 


Sector 2 contains 24 light medicines represented by 24 creatures of the star nations, that are present in the light of day.

The healing medicines in this sector are available to all forms of life on the planet.

The star nations represented by these beings offer their healing gifts to the Lemurian Calendar and its Operating System.


Sector 3 reveals the Lemurian B-Earth Signs aka as the Motu. These Motu are connected to the human grid and the planetary grid.


This sector shows you your B-earth Sign and connection to the Star Gate based on your birth month. 


Sector 4 reveals how the calendar navigates Love into the Light. By placing it into the seasons of the calendar all forms of Life have an opportunity to receive this gift.  

This sector contains the memory of love, so this medicine can be accessed with the help of the Lemurian Calendar.



This sector represents the location of the Star Gates. The calendar reveals their alignment to the B-Earth Signs. 

These codes and frequencies provide access to Lemuria beyond the Star Gates. Allowing the gifts from Lemuria to enter the Calendar for the benefit of all forms of life on the planet.


Sector 6 is the convergence of all sectors. It gives the calendar access to the vibrations, frequencies, energies and magnetics to be placed into the intention of the word and the intention of the thought.

The Hunascope or Uniscope replaces the scope of horrors by changing the codes of the vibrations and frequencies to match the highest intentions of sector 6.

Fire is not an element, it’s an intention. The calendar navigates and manages the highest of intentions to assist land, water, sky, self, home and all forms of life.

Meet The Motus


Koponui Motu


Kaka Motu


Fatura Motu


Namu Motu


Kirihi Motu


Kahuku Motu


Okapi Motu


Hea Motu


Tirani Motu

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