Here’s what some of the people that received the Seal of the the Child have to say about their experience and the profound changes they experienced in their lives as a result of receiving the seal.

Lisa Pradillo

After the seal my visions, dreams, channeling, energy work, healing of myself & others, intuition, joy, love have all expanded in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I felt like an octopus 🐙 with unlimited tentacles reaching & grabbing for knowledge/connection/understanding. Since the seal & many questions answered by Huna Mauta it feels like all these things have converged into alignment. Even more so when my husband decided to be sealed as well. That has heightened our connection beyond words. We log in together every morning & it’s beautiful 😍 This journey/our journey is exciting, fun & leaves me with a feeling of a warm cozy blanket of love.

Nicky Ceulemans

While walking my own path of truth, still figuring out what my channelings were about, we met Huna Ma Uta Kumara Taki Ni Ma Ra Na, and during our first conversation he already triggered some of my Light Codes. When he spoke the login, my whole body resonated and started to react. The Seal itself was very powerful, it felt like a total reset in my body. Now, I’m no longer wandering, I’m totally aligned with my Purpose now, no doubts, no fear, only Love and First Light.

Nishana Rose

I believe this was a major part in kicking me into alignment to find my beloved and conceive our beautiful baby boy who happens to be one of the First Light Children, conceived at first light and born of the Turtle. The first time I ever heard Huna Mauta Kumara’s voice I uncontrollably sobbed the entire time. I am ever grateful for his light presence in my and our family lives.